Share your Success Story

Share your Success Story

We love to hear about your success with our products and see how you use them in your business.

Please send your unwatermarked images of your story and/or finished products to us here. Please submit your images at least 1120 px on the shortest side @ 72 dpi. If you have more than one image, we would like you to put it in a zipped folder before you upload.

If we use your images on our blog, you will receive up to $75 to use on digital products at (not valid on physical products, such as frames, packaging, albums, folio boxes, image folios or menu folios.).

Tips for successful product photos:
• use good, natural light, a simple background and avoid glares
• prop up flat pieces, like cards, instead of laying them flat on a table
• use a variety of angles and crops

We look forward to hearing from you!